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Do you need a gym to exercise


The awnser to that quastion is NO we do not need to have a gym membership to exercise. If you really want to look after your health then even doing small little things like going for a walk, short run, doing some sit-ups or press-ups, some cardio all in the comfort of your home can be enough to get you motivated to get yourself fit. We all too often make the excuse we do not have time all it will take is 10-15 minutes of your time. It is not about the amount of time you do exercise it comes down to how consistent you are over a period of time.

Can you get a six pack in a few weeks

Muscular man working out in gym
Muscular man working out in gym

It does not matter what you do or how consistent you are. You will not get a six-pack in a few weeks; even if you dedicate yourself, it will not happen because to achieve a six-pack starts in the kitchen and not the gym. To get a six-pack, you have to be eating the correct nutrition, such as to create the calorific deficit, the correct amount of proteins, carbohydrates and good fats. It is good to set a goal that you want to achieve, but it has to be realistic whatever goal you set. To get into the best shape of your life with 10-15% body fat, you have to follow a rigorous diet and train really hard because you have to work for it just like everything in life.

How do I get started

A lot of the time, the question is, how do I get started? That will depend on you, you could get up right now and start doing it, or you can leave it for a few days. If you leave it for a few days, you will never start. Make that choice to look after your health and wellbeing and start doing moderate exercises such as sit-ups and pull-ups; you have so many varieties of these two exercises that if you perform the different variants on different days, you will never get fed up or bored because you will always be pushing to better yourself.

Consistency is the key

Man stretching in playing field
Man stretching in playing field

You probably think I sound like a broken record, but I do not know how else to tell you this, but to see or get long term results, consistency is the key every single time. It does not matter how long you do the exercise but doing it consistently is very important. As I say, you will not see results in a few days or weeks. It can take months and sometimes even years to get the perfect physique depending on your realistic goal. Decide to work out every day or every other day. Even it is for 10-15 minutes a day, everyone has 10-15 to spare every day or every second day. Even if you are tired, never miss a day, do something easier to get into that routine of being consistent even on days when you are tired.

Having rest days to let your body to recover

It is essential not to over-train yourself so in between all the hard work, give yourself days off to recover. I do not mean missing or skipping days but actually give your body time to recover from a heavy workout depending on your workout routine. Just like everything in life, as long as it is done in moderation for what your body can handle and giving yourself rest days means you will not burn yourself out.

Vary your workout routine

If you are doing the same workout every day or every second day, you will either get bored or lose interest, so it is essential to vary your workout so that you do chest exercises one day, core/abs workout another day, legs workout another day, biceps another day, etc. You have many choices. You can use your body weight to start with, then you can buy some very cost-effective resistance bands, and you can really do great workouts using them.

Can I join a gym

Group of people in a gym doing group workout
Group of people in a gym doing group workout

I want to say this I am in no way saying that do not join a gym; if you can and would think that will better for you, then by all means, please join your local gym. Local gyms are great; you get to meet other people trying to do the same as you. You might even bump into family or friends who go to the gym, and then you can have a training partner to really push each other with achieving your goals. You can pay as you go and see how you get on. So please, if you would like to join your local gym, please do so. A great workout at gyms is the various classes you can do, which are brilliant to really push you to the extreme doing circuit workout.

Coming back to my question, do you need to be a gym member to work out the answer is a big fat NO.

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