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Do you need a gym to exercise


The answer to that question is NO, you do not need to have a gym membership to exercise and keep fit. If you really want to look after your health then a great way is to start doing small little things like going for a walk, short-run, doing some sit-ups or press-ups, some aerobic exercise. This can all be done in the comfort of your home or locally in a park or even out on the street.

We all too often make the excuse we do not have time. All it will take is 10-15 minutes of your time every day or every couple of days. It is not about the amount of time you do exercise it comes down to how consistent you are over a period of time.

I too often see individuals waiting until they have an illness before they start to care and look after their health. If you have a car do you not look after that and take it for a service or MOT and get things repaired when required. So why not care about our health and well-being by doing a little bit of physical activity.

Can you get a six pack in a few weeks

Muscular man working out in gym
Muscular man working out in gym

It does not matter about your fitness level or what you do or how consistent you are. You will not get a six-pack in a few weeks, even if you dedicate yourself it will not happen because to achieve a six-pack starts in the kitchen and your diet plus the workout plan.

To get a six-pack, you have to be eating the correct nutrition, such as to create the calorific deficit to lose the fat in your abdominals. You will have to increase your protein intake, limit the number of carbohydrates and eat good fats.

It is good to set yourself fitness goals because that gives you something to work towards but to do try to be realistic. To get into the best shape of your life with 10-15% body fat, you have to follow a rigorous diet and train really hard because you have to work for it but it is a great feeling achieving your goal or getting results.

How do you get started

Before you get started you will have to know how good your physical health is at the moment. If you are not sure or have medical conditions then it is well worth visiting your Doctor. Tell your doctor that you are going to start doing physical exercise and is there anything you should avoid doing or be careful in doing. Have your workout plan prepared so you can share it with the doctor.

It is not difficult to get started you have to decide to do it and then stick with your game plan. Do try to vary your workout to keep you motivated because it is very easy to get fed up or bored with doing the same exercise or workout every week.

As well as varying the workout it is very important to really push yourself by either increasing the reps of a certain exercise or find a harder variation to perform. It is very easy to get into a comfort zone that will limit your achievements or reaching your goals.

A bodyweight workout also known as calisthenics is a great way to get started with regular exercise. With bodyweight training, you need very minimal equipment to get started. No weights or cardio equipment is required to get started you can start today.

All you need to do to get started is do some warm-up exercises, stretches to get your body temperature up. Then start doing press-ups, if you find hard doing full press-ups start by doing them on your knees. You can do squats remember to get into a habit of doing the full range of motion when performing any exercise.

Consistency is the key

Man stretching in playing field
Man stretching in playing field

You probably think I sound like a broken record, but I do not know how else to tell you this, but to see or get results, consistency is the key every single time with a long term plan.

It does not matter how long you spend doing exercise but doing it consistently is very important. As I say, you will not see results in a few days or at times even weeks. It can take months and sometimes even years to get the perfect physique depending on your goals.

Decide to work out every day or every other day. Even it is for 10-15 minutes a day, everyone has 10-15 to spare every day or every second day. Never miss a day, do something easier to get into that routine of being consistent even on days when you are tired.

Having rest days to let your body to recover

It is essential not to over-train yourself so in between all the hard work, give yourself days off to recover. I do not mean missing or skipping days but actually give your body time to recover from a heavy workout depending on your workout routine.

As a beginner or someone who has not done physical activity in a while, it is good to start working out one day and giving yourself a break the next day. This is to get the body ready for physical activity and giving it enough time to recover. As you progress and get better you can increase to working out 2 days and taking a day off.

If you have been active recently then it is good to hit the road running and do as many days possible but I would still advise you to give yourself at least 2 days off every 7 days. Rather than working out more days increase your workout reps or start doing harder exercises but take your recovery days off.

Some of the benefits of exercise

When you do exercise it makes you feel good, it is great in relieving stress, increases your energy levels. More importantly, it helps with your overall health and wellbeing. It helps in burning off those calories that you take on a daily basis to control your current.

Doing physical activity on a regular basis helps with your sleep you can read more about sleep in my article here. It is a great way to look after your heart rate because your heart will increase depending on the intensity of the exercise. You can read more about heart rate here.

If you suffer from a lack of self-esteem or lack of confidence exercise is a great way to build up your confidence. When you feel good on the inside you will start to feel great on the outside. Also, I would like to mention it is very important to drink plenty of water you can read more on my article the importance of drinking water here

Can I join a gym

Group of people in a gym doing group workout
Group of people in a gym doing group workout

Joining a gym is a commitment and comes at a cost but if you can afford it then certainly this is the best way to go. The great part of being a gym member is that you will get to meet other gym members that you can get to know and communicate with.

Apart from that, you do not need to buy any equipment because everything you need will be available at the gym. The only little problem you might have is if you attend during busy periods the equipment can be taken.

It is great to have a gym buddy but you want to go with someone where you can both really push yourself. Keep in mind the social distancing measures in place to protect you and other gym members so obey the rules when going with someone and wear the face mask when required.

The other great gym benefit is that you can sign up to a personal trainer, who will design an exercise plan and hold you accountable every week or every 2 weeks depending on your goals. As well as that they will give you advice about nutrition and count the number of calories you should be eating on a daily basis again depending on your goals.

Coming back to my question, do you need to be a gym member to work out the answer is a big fat NO.

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