Drinking Water During Training
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The Importance of Drinking Water

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Couple drinking water
Couple taking break to drink water

You have been told this since you were in school the importance of keeping yourself hydrated but how many of us actually do it. You should be drinking at least two litres of water a day, the more you drink the better because 70% of your body consists of water so why is it that we do not drink enough water. How many of us would much rather have a fizzy drink full of sugar rather than water.

Soda or Water

Drinking Water at Work

I used to really bad at this I would rather drink Irn-Bru or Coca Cola rather than drinking water. I used to drink soda with my meal and throughout the day. Nothing can beat a freezing cold glass of Irn-Bru I actually still love a glass of Irn-Bru now and again but I have completed cut out fizzy drinks from my daily diet. It was not easy but if I wanted different results from my fitness training then I had to make changes to my daily intake of fluid.

Since starting drinking water for over a year now I feel much better. I feel a lot more energized, I do not feel full during meals now, my skin feels much better, feel much more focused and also my concentration levels are much better now. I really just wished I had started drinking water sooner but hey it is never too late. This small change of drinking at least two litres of water can actually help with weight loss too.

Want to feel Great Drink Water

Drinking Water when Working Out

Being healthy is always important more so now than ever before especially with the current COVID 19 virus causing havoc across our cities in the United Kingdom. It is the small changes like drinking two litres of water a day that can help you feel healthier, happier, energised and just feeling great. So why not take that small step of drinking more water from today it can be the biggest change you can make for healthier you.

How is your habit of drinking water? Do you take a break from your daily grind to drink enough water.

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