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Losing your job during Covid 19

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Losing your Job during Covid 19

This is a very difficult time where so many people have lost their jobs and will be losing their jobs over the coming weeks and months. This pandemic is going to affect everyone from one way or another. Apart from losing your jobs, some will be losing their businesses during this difficult time. it is a testing time for us all.

I recently lost my job it was not due to Convid 19 but for other reasons but the reason aside it was an awful moment in my life losing my job for which I had worked really hard for the last two years from being the top sales person in the team, to being the most productive most months to having the most satisfied customers, I had worked hard to achieve all this and then just of sudden it was taken away from me. One day I had a job and the next I had no job.

The fist couple of weeks were awful because I was felling really down, why this had happened to me, I made a mistake for which I paid by losing my job. Life teaches you lessons in so many ways and this was a lesson for me, the first thing I learned was that I am human and not superman and from time to time I will make a mistake, second thing I learned is that if you rely on a single source of income when it goes away you are left with nothing. Lastly the dreadful question of what do I do now…

As hard as it was to accept losing my job I had to quickly accept it was gone because I could either have gone down the road of feeling sorry for myself, of why this had to happen to me, I was such an good employee, why did they have to let me go and on and on. During this difficult time I took time to look at my life and why I was in this position, it made me question what I want to do going forward and where does my life go from here.

Over the last 12 months I have been listening and reading books such as “Take Control of your Life” by Mel Robbins I think she is amazing how gives you real life stories of people being stuck in a job they do not like, or have always wanted to do something in their life and they have not done it yet. She tells them to do things brick by brick, one step at a time to achieve the over goal. “F U Money” by Dan Lok which was another great book to live your life like a movie star but you are not famous, he tells you that we use the excuse of not having money, experience, education etc. Dan tells you take that first step and once you have done that the rest will fall into place.

From not having a single book in my Kindle or Audible library to now having over 200 books that I have purchased and over the last year I made sure to invest £30 every month on Audible for my self education learning from the best, I used my “Automobile University” as advised by Zig Zigler to gain more knowledge about successful people around the world. I have learnt that it is very important to keep educating yourself to achieve bigger and better things in life.

Due to reading and listening to these books I had already decided to change my life, but losing my job was the kick up the back side to actually do something. I have always been into fitness since I was 12 years old when I bought my first set of dumbbells, fitness has been a part of my life ever since, I had several career changes during that period, I have gone through a divorce during that time when I started suffering from severe depression and though about killing myself many times, even during the difficult times during my young life one thing that has never changed is me keeping fit.

My love for health and fitness is what has kept me going at time, it is why I am here writing this blog, I love keeping fit and I have always looked after myself physically even when I was struggling big time mentally. Life is never easy, you get tested in so many ways, when looking back now you wonder how you are even still alive, I am sure I am not the only one that has felt that way in life. One of the worst things that can happen is you losing your job.

It is never easy losing your job

So I know how a lot of people are feeling right now during the Pandemic where so many have lost their jobs and many more will be losing their jobs over the coming weeks and months. Even the ones who are going to keep their jobs things will be different and difficult once everything goes back to normal. This Pandemic is going to affect so many of us in so many ways, just coping with losing loved ones, to surviving from Covid 19 after being hospitalized, things are certainly going to be difficult and hard over the coming weeks and months.

So after losing my job I have decided to follow what I love doing which is fitness, I am going to be doing gym instructor course, also a personal trainer course just to gain extra knowledge about how I can help others because for me personally if you want to do something then do it right otherwise do not do it. It has been fantastic looking after my own fitness for over 30 years but I have to learn how I can help others because they might not have been into fitness over the last 30 years like me hence why I will doing the fitness courses.

That now brings me to writing a blog about fitness just to share my knowledge and understanding of health, fitness and wellbeing with the world. I hope you all enjoy me writing my blog over the coming weeks and months ahead. It is all about helping others I had been thinking of doing this for over 10 years now and finally I could do it and it all came about because I lost my job and it gave me a real kick up the backside to do, follow and enjoy what I have loved doing since a young boy.

So if you are one of the unfortunate person, who has lost their job in the last few weeks then please do not worry because like me you can use this time to decide to do what you love, follow your passion, do what you have wanted to do for a while, lets use this negative hurdle and turn it into something positive I am here if you need my help. I know it is always easier said than done but I want to help people with anything related health, fitness and your wellbeing.

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