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Mental Health & Covid 19

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Mental Health & Covid 19

During the current pandemic a lot of has been written about people suffering from mental health during the current lockdown. There could be many reasons for us to be struggling during the current lockdown due to Covid 19.

If you live and stay on your own you might be feeling isolated from family, friends and your children, if you were working and are unable to work during the lockdown you might even be on furlough in the mean time by your company, you might have already been suffering with mental health and the current situation could have made it worse, you might have lost your job and wondering how you are going to afford your living costs over the next few weeks and months.

If for any reason you are suffering from mental health issues or even if you are not sure it is well worth speaking to someone and asking for help. A lot of times we are in denial until the situation gets so worse that we are forced to ask for help why wait and not reach out sooner.

If you are feeling stressed due to lockdown conditions of having to stay at home, to feeling anxiety during the day or when you are trying to sleep, or if you are just feeling depressed with all the bad news showing how many people are dying everyday from this awful disease, a lot of things and issues in our personal life can affect your mental wellbeing so please do not hesitate to get help.

So please if you have mental health symptoms then first of all I would reach out to family member of friend, do not just reach out to anyone you have to be able to trust this person and be able to share exactly how you are felling. 

If you do not have someone close to share your issues then there is plenty of other help available, search online for your local mental health support available in your area. You can also visit the Citizens Advice website to get more information about how to get help.

Please do not suffer in silence reach out and get some help!!

In Scotland you can get help from following websites:

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