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Normal life after Covid19

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Normal Life

After the lockdown is over everything will return back to normal, but will we ever return back to normal is the big question, the current coronavirus has affected us all in so may ways some of us more than others so do you think life will ever return to the way it was before the spread of Covid 19 across the world. I am sure a lot of you are thinking what do we consider as being normal now.

During this lockdown some of us have become essential workers, others have been working from home, some being furloughed and others losing their jobs and I am sure a lot more will be losing jobs over the coming weeks and months ahead unfortunately, it is a very harsh truth but this is what will be happening before the economy recovers.

I heard on the news that a lot of countries will be looking for compensation from China for the downturn in the economies across the world. Even if they do get compensation because it is a big “if” and “any” at moment it is not going to help those who have lost their jobs already and the ones who will be losing their jobs in the near future. Blame game is going to help the local “Joe Blog” locally what so ever.

Are you looking forward to normal life again

When the lockdown eases and life does turn to some sort normality it will be hard specially for the ones who have been at home stuck inside over the last few weeks, from doing nothing to going back to the busy lifestyle that we were used to before this pandemic is certainly not going to be easy and straight forward. Returning back to normal will certainly have its own problems and affect us all in different ways. If you are feeling the weight of the world when of things going back to normal, just know that you are not on your own this will be experienced by many.

You will be okay

If you are felling anxiety/fear of things going back to normal you are not alone a lot of us will be feeling this way, some might be thinking is it safe for me to go back to work, it will be really difficult trying to live by the 2 meter distance rule over the coming weeks or even months. It is a difficult time for most of us to keep our self safe as well as our families and loved ones, the fear of contracting the virus hanging over your head.

I hope things do return to normality soon without too many of us having to suffer due to the unfortunate pandemic, lets get the world open and moving again soon.

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