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Obesity in the UK

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Has obesity increased in the UK due to the pandemic

Obesity how to improve health
Obesity methods to improve health

Well, this is a hard question to answer, but if you think about it, we have been locked in our houses for over a year now. This will certainly have increased obesity in households across the UK. May that be working from home or being furloughed and asked to stay at home while your business/company has been told to shut down. It has certainly been a difficult year in so many ways, which has increased the probability of binge eating during the current circumstances.

Obesity was a problem in the UK before the pandemic

I was reading on the Sky News website that nine out of ten COVID-19 deaths have been in countries with high rates of obesity. This is just incredible, with the UK having the third-highest death rate due to COVID-19, which again lets us know that Obesity is a major problem in the UK. This information, combined with the pandemic causing us to eat even more due to being locked-down, has caused the obesity problem to get a lot worse across the UK.

Rewarding people for reducing calorie intake

Fast-food can increase obesity
Fast-food can increase obesity

Is the answer to this problem to reward people for reducing their calorie intake? That will help somehow, but I think the answer to the obesity issue is to educate people on how to eat and live healthily. We have become so lazy, myself included, that we do not like to walk even a few yards to local shop or supermarket we try to find a parking space right next to the door. How many times have we driven past a shop due to not being able to park right in front of it to find another shop which has parking right in front of its door?

£6 Billion: the cost of obesity in the UK

Can Sir Keith Mills resolve this issue that costs the UK a huge sum of £6 billion every year to combat obesity-related illnesses? We will wait and see if this makes a difference, but it certainly is a step in the right direction. £100 million has been set aside for this pilot scheme to start in the UK’s worst affected areas. It will be an app to monitor the calorie intake and the amount of exercise performed. Then, you will be rewarded for your achievements. We will have to wait and see more details being unveiled in the coming days.

How do you know if you are obese

Fighting obesity is a challenge
Fighting obesity is a challenge

I believe everyone in the UK should get a health check every year from their GP to determine how healthy the individual might be. Based on the findings, the individual should be given choices that they can make to get healthier, improve their diet, do more exercise. The problem is that most individuals do not even know they are obese, so how can they make the changes for a better and healthier life. We need a medical professional to decide if someone is obese based on true health issues, blood tests, measuring BMI etc.

So how do you feel about the obesity problem issue in the UK? Let me know in the comments below:

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