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Living Healthy in 2020

It has never been a better time than now to be living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. A lot has happened during this year with the virus spreading across the world like wildfire. Eight months later it is still terrorising us with constant threats of lockdowns taking place in cities […]

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Normal life after Covid19

Normal Life After the lockdown is over everything will return back to normal, but will we ever return back to normal is the big question, the current coronavirus has affected us all in so may ways some of us more than others so do you think life will ever return […]

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Mental Health & Covid 19

Mental Health & Covid 19 During the current pandemic a lot of has been written about people suffering from mental health during the current lockdown. There could be many reasons for us to be struggling during the current lockdown due to Covid 19. If you live and stay on your […]

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Working from Home (Covid 19)

Working from Home During Covid 19 Due to pandemic of Covid 19 in the UK we have had to make changes due to Government advice about staying at home and only services available to open are essential for us such as the Health workers with the NHS, Supermarket and local […]

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Losing your job during Covid 19

Losing your Job during Covid 19 This is a very difficult time where so many people have lost their jobs and will be losing their jobs over the coming weeks and months. This pandemic is going to affect everyone from one way or another. Apart from losing your jobs, some […]