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Importance of Stretching

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Fitness Girl on the beach stretching (Fitness Krazy)
Fitness Girl on the beach stretching.

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. It is important to spend time stretching, which can be done after a warm-up, at the start of the workout and after the workout to warm down. Personally, I like to stretch after my warm-up because I have found over the years, if you want to avoid injuries while training or playing sports stretching should be performed before you start the physical activity. This has really helped me from suffering major injuries over the years.

Stretching Can Be Performed Any Place

Group of people in a gym stretching before starting a workout session (Fitness Krazy)
Group of people in a gym stretching before starting a workout session

You do not have to work out or play sports to stretch; it can be performed anywhere with a bit of space, and it can make you feel great as long as it is done consistently. If you work in an office and sitting on a chair most of the day, it is important to go for a walk every so often to stretch your legs, but you can perform other stretches too, even in an office environment. Do not ever be shy or embarrassed to always put your health before what others in the office might think.

Access to Stretching Videos

Man doing stretching on playing field. ()Fitness Krazy)
Man doing stretching on playing field

So many ways to get access to stretching videos on YouTube, and some can be performed in a few minutes to even maybe 15 minutes. You have a choice of in house stretching, office stretching right through to outdoor stretching videos. I personally have not created any stretching videos yet, but that is part of a future project for me and will be on my youtube channel.

So will you be including stretching in your workouts, or have you already been doing stretching? I would love to hear experience about how you have found stretching?

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