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I have wanted to write about this topic for a while now because I see so many businesses or individuals offering weight loss programs. I have never used any such programs in my 30 years of being into fitness and I feel fitter now at the age of 43 than I have when I was 20. This could be due to the fact I have never taken my Health, Fitness, and wellbeing as seriously as I am now because I love health and fitness it has been a big part of my life and the only thing to stay consistent with me during the last 30 years.

Caloric Deficit

This is very important and very easy to understand not always easy to do for most. You have to burn more calories than you eat. Now you do not have to be a rocket scientist to work that out but to achieve this is not always easy and straightforward. You do not have to start fasting to achieve this it can be really easily achieved if you understand and believe you want to actually lose weight. The hardest part of this formula is calculating your calorie intake and then making sure that you are using/burning more calories than you are taking each day.

Lifestyle change

To create the caloric deficit does not mean you have to do some fancy “no carb” or “12-hour fasting” but if that is what you want to then do not let me stop you. The caloric deficit can be achieved by simple changes in your diet such as eating a lot more healthy foods, instead of frozen meals change to simple fresh home-cooked meals. Instead of take-aways again learn to make your own simple dishes in the house that can take just as long as ordering a takeaway and waiting for it to get prepared or delivered. This can actually save you money and best of all you know the ingredients are fresh. Not just that but it will not be long that you apply for Master Chef as you will have become such a chef.


Losing Weight
Losing Weight

As well as creating a caloric deficit you will have to do some sort of exercise which as we have learned over the last few months with home workouts becoming a big part of your family life during the lockdown. You do not need a gym to achieve this but if you would prefer a gym and feel you are safe doing so then by all means gyms are great for workouts. As I was saying this can be done in the comfort of your home with no equipment or minimum equipment or even outdoors (weather is not always great in the UK as today is pouring with rain outside) as long as you love the Great British weather.


It all starts by you taking small steps that lead to the end goal, but the most important part of it all is that you have to be consistent. How many of us start taking the small steps to give up a week, month, or a few months later. So you have to believe in the end goal and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal by staying consistent. This is normally one of the hardest steps and the reason why a lot of people fail.

Set yourself a realistic Goal

Set a realistic Weigh Loss Goal
Set a realistic Weight Loss Goal

Set yourself a realistic goal of how much weight you would like to lose over a certain period of time for example I would like to lose 4 pounds a month, this is a realistic amount that can be achieved over a month. To achieve this realistic goal you have to believe it is possible and be consistent over time to achieve it no matter how hard or difficult it might be looking at it right now or in a week’s time. Failure is not an option!!

Are you looking to lose weight? Or have you tried weight loss previously how did it go? What did you do? I would love to hear your feedback, thanks.

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