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Working from Home (Covid 19)

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Working from Home During Covid 19

Due to pandemic of Covid 19 in the UK we have had to make changes due to Government advice about staying at home and only services available to open are essential for us such as the Health workers with the NHS, Supermarket and local shop staff so that we can buy our essential food, also the Pharmacies so they can provide medication to patients, public transport so that essential staff can still travel to work, warehouse staff so that the emergency services as well as stores can still get food & supplies delivered, deliver drivers so that essential deliveries can still be made during the lockdown, also contact centers for the banking and utility services and not to forget the banks that are still open for few hours everyday.

Due to the lockdown some of us have had the opportunity to work from home rather than an office, it means you can still keep working from home for few hours a day, other have not been so fortunate and are on furlough during the pandemic so they can still keep their jobs during this difficult time. What ever option that you have been dealt well we have to stay at home.

Working from home is not for everyone, some prefer to be in a busy office where they are communicating with their colleagues having a lauch and joke, while others prefer having the quite time to be really productive. Alot of us have probably thought or asked about working from home previously and have never had the opportunity to experience what it can be like working from home. Due to this difficult and unforseen pandemic it has given some of us an opportuinity to work from home and get to experience what it is like, some will love it, others will hate, some will be undecided which one is better office, home or both.

During this pandemic alot will change it will make comapnies to have the option of working from home specially the ones who were not prepared for this to happen and have been unable to let people work from home. In future you could have option of working from home added in your contract not just at times like pandeic even if your off on long term sickness but still feel you could work from home. Turst me no one wants to sit at home doing nothing all day, everyday after a short period of time it gets boring.

I just want to say if you are working from home during this lockdown I hope you are enjoying it, or if you are on furlough I hope you get to spend valuable time with loved ones staying with you such as your partner and children. Even if you are still working in an office and your copmpany is following the goverments guidance of working safely. I hope we all stay safe and come out other side of this pandemic with new skills, high hope for the future, appreciating life specially spending time with loved who we were unable to meet during the lockdown and most of all just help, be kind and motivate each other to great and fantastic future.

Please stay safe and look after yourself

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