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Working Out with Family

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Father and son in the home gym. (Fitness Krazy)
Father and son in the home gym.

I know this year it has been really great for kids and families working out such as the videos by Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) that the kids, as well as the whole family, were able to follow along. Really well done to Joe Wicks for everything he has accomplished during this difficult 2020 during this pandemic. I hope the continues into the future where we can teach children that exercise is important not just during a pandemic but to have a great and balanced life exercise is very important.

Teach them Young

Happy family exercising with dumbbells at fitness studio. (Fitness Krazy)
Happy family exercising with dumbbells at fitness studio

I believe especially to target obesity, unhealthy and busy lives that we have to make time for exercise. Kids are brilliant at doing things even better than us especially when following along to online videos I know this first hand with kids copying my exercise routines. I hope we have a lot of good coming out this pandemic that as well as working out with the family may that be in the house, outdoors or gyms that we can eat healthy food too that will hugely benefit us in the long term.

Do you have to go to a Gym

I personally do not believe that you have to be members of expensive gyms to live a healthy and balanced life. Exercise can be performed anywhere with a bit of space may that be indoors, outdoors (not like we have the best weather in the UK) or even gyms. I am not saying that you should not become members of a gym but do not let the gym membership or costs involved ever to be a reason for not doing exercise.

Workout in the House

Mother and Daughter doing the plank. (Fitness Krazy)
Mother and Daughter doing the plank.

As we all as being a member of many gyms over the years I have really enjoyed working out in my house because in the house I can do it anytime I want even get up in the middle of the night if I cannot sleep and lift some weights. Exercise is not just about looking fit and muscular, but it makes you feel good, gives you confidence and relieves stress what better way to relieve stress from a busy day at work with a quick workout with kids just before they go to bed.

Have you been working out during 2020, how have you found the lockdowns during this pandemic, did you get the whole family involved?

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